Raspberry 4 OS - Lite fast and easy with Pi Installer

Februar 20, 2022


How to setup a Raspberry Pi 4 with Pi OS Lite fast and easy with preactivated SSH and Username and Password and WIFI.

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MacOS (12.1 - Apple Silicon) - SSH Key YubiKey Fido - id_ecdsa_sk

Februar 10, 2022


To secure your SSH Keys with YubiKey this has not been easyer as now for to setup this there are just some changes on your OpenSSH needed and the publication of your new public keys to your services and servers.

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Mikrotik - SD-WAN / ZeroTrustNetwork with ZeroTier

Februar 9, 2022


ZeroTier (https://www.zerotier.com/) is an opensource SD-WAN Network solution for many devices as RaspberryPI, Apple and PfSense. Since the new RouterOS 7 from Mikrotik ZeroTier is also available via extra packages of Mikrotik. (RouterOS 7.2rc3)

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Mikrotik - Reset - First Steps

Februar 6, 2022


If you want to reset your Mikrotik there are many ways to do this, there are also some default tasks you have todo after resetting without default config (what I would recommend).

We will go in this small article through the setups of resetting and the main needed setups on your Mikrotik after this.(RouterOS 7.2rc3)

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